Are instagram story plays and snapchat story plays the same as people are made to believe?

News 12:05 May 2020:

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Are instagram story plays and snapchat story plays the same as people are made to believe?   This is a question that many people have asked over the last few years, and if you find yourself doing so, you are not alone.  The answer is simply no!  Each as you might have realised is unique in its own way and therefore if you intend to use both, you need to find out in great details where the details lies before grouping the same under one umbrella.  One thing you will appreciate is that they simply share the same name and that is the farthest it goes.f1

They offer you one thing in common a better view where both your friends and customers that is if you are in business are able to view your videos.  The social media remains a very interesting platform and believe you me; users tend to easily identify with brands and individuals that have made a name on the platform.  You too can do the same and increase your masses.  Give your viewers something to want to be with you every other day or every day if that is possible.   It is therefore whole upon how you use available content in your favor to reach your viewers.

Are you worried when other is able to watch both your instagram story plays and snapchat story plays?  One thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a social media platform and it is all about sharing.  No other platform allows you to share with others about your business than these two great sites.  They are just incredible.  You will also appreciate that with every new day, the sites get better and customers fight better and easier changes which make sharing faster and with a lot of fun.

Plays are made to enable you share your stories with your viewers and customers and with each social media platform, content still top the list.  Give those on your network something to make them want to view your plays each and every single day.    These in essence are some of the easiest apps for a beginner.  The instructions and simple and once you are registered; you can share a whole load of information with others on the platform.    The simple rule of the thumb is, simply get to know your audience and groups before sharing anything that might prove to be detrimental.f2

Get to know the difference in apps by understanding in great details why others prefer the other.  It is therefore prudent to allow us open your eyes to why people prefer the other and not the other.  There are things that will make you have a different perspective to how you do things.   You need to make it out there, allow us and our team to help brush on the don’ts.   This is necessary for all users whether big or small, individual or company.  Get know the set down rules and why there are set goals on its use.